Courses & Pricing



Right now we are offering 4 types  of courses.



1.Forex and Commodities Training Course.

In this course we teach from basic to professional level for 30 days. Duration of this course is 30 days.In this course we provide support 24/7 to our clients. Training will be daily online at your desired time for one hour on regular basis. Classes method will be online through Skype and Team viewer or at phone call  ( in case of slow internet speed ). In this course we provide some written material to our clients so that they may easily study stuff. We have written some books in Urdu language for client ease. We are charging 250$ or 25000(PKR) for this course.



2. Forex and Commodities Mentoring Service.

In This type of training we provide classes for 30 days. We teach basic to professional level for 30 days. We provide signal ( analysis of currencies ) for 60 days. we provide explanations of our all Analysis so that client may understand reasons and logic of our trades. In mentoring service we provide pair on demand analysis for 60 days. Client may ask anytime any pair’s direction and targets to place trade at his real or demo account. We provide 24/7 Support to our clients. This service is very best for newbies. This service is more than training and this is highly recommended service for all traders and newbies. We able our clients to practice during course under our analysis and supervision, also we explain our analysis of each trade which helps our clients to understand market behaviour quite easily.This service costs of 350$ or 35000 (PKR).



3.Binary Option Mentoring Service.

Binary option is another field which is similar to Forex Trading. In binary option the way of trading is bit different and we work for short term on daily our hourly basis. This type of training is best for those who are job person and have only 1 to 2 hours daily to work online to enhance their earnings. In binary option we work in Forex market but method of trading is totally different rather than Forex Trading. In This service we teach our clients how to work in options? the duration of this course is 30 days. We provide analysis and signals to our clients so that they may understand reasons of our trades. we do not work blindly we do not gamble in these business. all our strategies and working tricks are quite easy and related to business. Our aim is to earn good money to improve our life style, Binary option or Forex trading is not one night rich scheme, We are here only for business to grow our earning potential. we also explain all our signals to our clients. In short in this binary service we move our client with us, we train them, we explain them, we give them analysis, we update their stuff for more accuracy. we are charging 350$ or 35000 (PKR) for this service.



4. Forex Trading Basic Course

This is basic Forex or commodity trading course. In this course we send you a DVD to your address or we send you complete course using google drive. In this course there are 25 plus basic videos made by Mubashar Saeed. There are more than 10 basic written lesson by Mubashar Saeed. In This course there are some basic strategies to work. you can earn handsome earning using these strategies. All students Feedback, students earning proofs ,Mentor earning proofs, Mentor’s trades preview at charts and accounts and record trading is shown in basic course. Some of our team experts make basic and easy strategies to predict market prices. After sending you this course we shall remain in touch with you to send more and more stuff in same package. We will not charge more if we update stuff in basic Forex trading course. If you will be satisfied with our basic training course you will subscribe us in mentoring service. We are charging only 50$ or 5000 (PKR) for DVDs.



Note : we do not force anyone to buy any of this course. If Someone feel us trusted may subscribe any service.

Fee is advance for all type of courses. this is fixed and final fee after discount so we do not want to bargain at course prices

we are not responsible for any kind of loss that you face at your live or demo account. This is business and you face risk in any business for more information click HERE to read disclosure 

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